Aga R7-150 Electric 5 oven


5 oven



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Quick Spec

  • Top of the range Aga model
  • Vitreous Enamel Glass Finish on front & top
  • No flue required – can be installed anywhere
  • 5 × Large Cooking Ovens – Roasting, Simmering, Baking, Slow & Warming
  • Individual Hot Plate Control – with 7 minute heat up time
  • Hot cupboard (two left hand ovens) can be independently controlled
  • Induction hob in lieu of warming plate £500 optional extra
  • 3 × Self cleaning cast iron ovens / 2 × Steel

Key Features

  • Weight – 560kg
  • Appliance Dimensions H 913mm × W 1478mm × 698mm
  • Oven Dimensions H 254mm × W 349mm × D 495mm (All Ovens)
  • Oven Temperatures at Full – Roasting 240C/ Baking 180C/ Simmering 120C/ Slow 100C/ Warming 70C
  • Oven Temperatures on Low – Roasting 190C/ Baking 150C/ Simmering 100C/ Slow 100C/ Warming 70C
  • 1 × 32amp Supply – 230V Connection (Minimum 6 mm supply cable required)
  • 1 × 13amp – 230V Plug (hot cupboard)
  • Approx. Weekly Fuel Consumption: 183 KW/hrs (based on a standard menu)
  • Approx. Weekly Running Cost: £22 per week (assuming 12p per KW hour)
  • Heat Output to the room when Oven and hotplates on = 1.5KW
  • Heat Output to the room when Ovens only on = 1 KW
  • Heat Output into the room when hot cupboard only on = 0.5KW
  • Four Energy Settings for Ovens
  • Hot Cupboard has separate isolation switch
  • Hot plates now have larger surface area



Product Description

The 5 oven R7 - 150 Aga is the top of the range heat storage appliance available on the market today. The ovens are heated by two heat sources – radiating heat round all three highly insulated cast iron ovens and the two left hand hot cupboard ovens.

The hotplates meanwhile are invidually controllable and can be switched on in 7 minutes. This means that when you are asleep at night or out all day the hotplates can be turned off, thus reducing both the running costs and the heat into the kitchen. But because the ovens are always on, the cooker feels warm to touch and stand next to – just like an Aga should.

In addition, the two left hand hot cupboard ovens can be switched off separately from the main cooker in the summer months and only take an hour to come back up to full temperature.

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Our Services

As the only independent AGA dealer in Scotland Lillie of Selkirk (established 1945) is in a unique position to offer customers both a competitive price and a complete installation service. AGA cookers have long been associated with quality craftsmanship and this is especially true in relation to the installation process. AGA cookers are built on site in customers properties from over one hundred components by our factory trained engineers. In addition to the AGA build itself we can also provide additional services such as flue lining, gas pipe installation and joiner work in order to make the overall installation process as simple and straight forward as possible for the customer.

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Customer Reviews

I have finally got round to taking a picture of the AGA. Thanks for all your work.
I have finally got round to taking a picture of the AGA. Thanks for all your work. Steve Fisher, Dumfries, DG1 (5-oven Dual Control Aga with freestanding module in heather)
Many thanks for all your work.
Many thanks for all your work. Mrs Cartwright, Jedburgh (Everhot 100i cooker in Sage)
Thank you so much for installing the AGA, it’s super cosy!
Thank you so much for installing the AGA, it’s super cosy! Mrs Creyke, Gullane (3-oven Total Control Aga)

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