The Aga cooker is one of the most iconic brands of the 20th century – but beyond the image is the legendary manufacturing process. Over the years the concept of companies manufacturing their products in Great Britain has become a fast diminishing one. However, the Aga is still made at the Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire where cast iron has been produced for the last 300 years. Using the tried and trusted techniques used by their Fathers and Grandfathers before them, highly skilled craftsmen produce unique iron castings which form the very core of the Aga Heat Storage Cooker.

Once the castings have been produced, the next major stage of production takes place in the enamel shop. Here the unique look of the Aga is created by applying three coats of the highest quality vitreous enamel over a period of three days – using electric ovens to bake the molten enamel at over 800 degrees. In essence the Aga has not changed since it’s creation 80 years ago, by inventing a simple heat storage appliance with cast iron ovens which radiated heat in all directions. Dr Gustaf Dalen created an iconic and durable appliance loved by generations both young and old.