The AGA Heat Storage Range

The Aga cooker legend began with heat storage models. These appliances not only cook food to perfection they also heat your kitchen, dry your family's clothes and make your toaster and kettle redundant

By using the simple principles of radiated heat transmitted through cast iron ovens the Aga uniquely cooks your food from all directions thus sealing in moisture leaving produce tasting succulent and delicious


There are three different Aga cooker oven sizes in the range

  2 Oven Aga               

2 Oven:- Provides both a roasting oven and a simmering oven

3 Oven Aga

3 Oven:- Provides a roasting oven, simmering oven and a baking oven

4 oven Aga

4 Oven:- Provides a roasting oven, simmering oven, baking oven and warming oven + warming plate on top

Fuel Type 

Each of the above cooker sizes can be ordered to run on any of the following fuel types


The 13amp electric model is simplicity itself - using a standard 13amp supply this appliance cooks and heats using the radiated heat principles in exactly the same way as the oil and gas models. In addition this model does not require a flue and does not require annual servicing. All 13amp electric models come with the AIMS control system as standard meaning that when you are not at home or asleep at night your Aga falls to a lower setting automatically allowing savings in fuel costs of approx. twenty percent. Click here for more on the 13amp Electric Aga

Fact:- 60% of all Aga appliances now ordered are electric models


Available in both natural gas or LPG, these models have an atmospheric burner which allows for silent operation. As of September 2008 gas models are now available with the optional Gas AIMS control system giving the owner full control over the Aga both day and night + potential fuel savings of up to 20%

For those customers who do not have a chimney there are two additional options flue model options - balance flue is suitable when the proposed position of the cooker is directly against an outside wall, while a power flue model allows the cooker to be positioned up to 9 metres from an outside wall - Please call for more details


28 Second Kerosene (Heating Oil) - Using the tried and trusted vaporising burner which Aga has produced for over 50 years the oil Aga is designed to run on the same oil as your central heating boiler. Utilizing the principle of gravity feed the appliance can still operate during a power cut