Rayburn Price List  


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300W (Wood Only)


345W ( Wood Only)


355SFW (Solid Fuel and Wood)


400GPX (Natural Gas)


400GPX PF (Natural Gas - Power Flue)


480AG (Natural Gas)


480AL (LPG)


480CD (Natural Gas - Balanced Flue)


300K (Oil)


308K (Oil)


400K (Oil)


400K PF (Oil - Power Flue)


440K (Oil)


440KB (Oil - Balanced Flue)


460K (Oil)


460KB (Oil - Balanced Flue)


480K (Oil)


480KB (Oil - Balanced Flue)


499K (Oil)


499KB (Oil - Balanced Flue)


600K  (Oil) (Cooker Only)£4995

660K  (Oil)

680K  (Oil)£7445
699K  (Oil)£7595
680KCD (Balance Flue Condensing Boiler Model - 90% Efficient)£7595 

680KCD (Conventional Flue Condensing Model - 90% Efficent)


RAYBURN X.T. (Natural Gas, LPG or Oil - Power Flue)


880K (Oil)


8120K (Oil)


8150K (Oil)


All Rayburn prices shown include Vat @ 20%. Rayburn prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to alter Rayburn prices when a Rayburn special offer or Rayburn factory price increase is announced.

Rayburn 200/300/400/600 models are all built at the factory and then shipped on a pallet to the customers property. Rayburn 800 series models are built on site by factory trained engineers, a delivery and assembly charge is contained within the Rayburn prices for 800 series.

As the largest Rayburn dealer in Scotland we are in a great position to offer fast availability on all Rayburn models in a wide variety of colours. Rayburn prices quoted are for the nine standard colours available.