Rayburn 699K - Heatranger Central Heating Cooker

Lillie of Selkirk is extremely pleased to announce the launch of a totally new cooker from Rayburn the 699K

The new 699K has been developed to offer improved oven sizes, hotplate

sizes and over all efficiency. The 699K has been designed to exude the

same classic looks that our customers expect in a Rayburn and this has been

achieved with a variety of modifications to improve the overall look of the cooker

Features and Benefits of Rayburn 699K

Bigger Hotplate

• The two insulated lids lift up to reveal a truly capacious hotplate - this is the

largest rectangular cast iron hotplate on the market, larger than any offered by

Rayburn 699K's competitors (it is also 40% larger than the Rayburn 699K 400 and

300 Series' hotplate, and 97% larger than the 200 Series' hotplate). The hotplate

can accommodate up to 8 pans at once using our specially designed Rayburn 699K

Cookware. Machine ground and solid, the hotplate is powerful and as the largest hotplate

on the market, gives an exceptionally generous cooking capacity.

Improved Design

• The new 699K commands more presence than previous models with

it's larger size. The whole construction is manufactured to a high

specification with the main components being constructed from cast iron.

The durability of the brand is such that many of the early Rayburn 699K cookers

dating from the 1940's and 1950's are still in service today. The exterior is

finished in rich vitreous enamel.

• A new colour; Aqua will be available with the new 600 Series - this will

replace Sable as one of the 7 Rayburn 699K colours; Cream, Black, Claret,

Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Aqua.

• The 699K has enjoyed subtle, revised styling. The polished handrail

has been recrafted and the doors also feature new, more ergonomic

handles, larger lids to accommodate the large hotplate are also featured.

Two Cast Iron Ovens

• Below the hotplate are two deep ovens. The Main Oven above is the

larger oven and uses radiant heat, so with no naked flames or elements in

the oven, full use can be made of the whole cooking space.

• The top oven is a huge 47 litres capacity (15.8% larger than the current

Rayburn 699K ovens).

• It's cast iron construction gives the perfect roast, sealing in all the juices

and flavour and it is large enough to accommodate a 13Kg (28.1lbs)

turkey. It is indirectly heated by conduction, radiation and convection,

which mean an exceptionally even, all-round heat.

• Depending on the setting, this oven is therefore a roasting, baking and

simmering oven and it can be used for cooking different things at the

same time as it's fully vented. The venting ensuring that foods are not

impregnated with the smells or flavours of other foods being cooked in the

same oven.

• At a moderate to hot setting it features four heat zones, from grilling at the

top through roasting and baking in the middle with frying possible in metal

utensils on the floor of the oven.

• The floor of the oven is an extra hotplate, which can also be used for

cooking bread and pizzas. At an idling setting the Main Oven can be used

for slow and off-peak cooking, with the ability to cook at low temperatures,

producing mouth-watering casseroles, soups and curries.

• The Main Oven is largely self-cleaning as at a high setting splashes and

deposits simply carbonise to dust - an occasional brushing out when the

oven is cool is all that is required.

• The Lower Oven is also of cast iron construction and operates at half the

temperature of the Main Oven above. With the Main Oven at a moderate

to hot setting, this oven is perfect for slow cooking casseroles and

steaming vegetables, rice and puddings.

• The Lower oven boasts a 34 litre oven (26.8% larger than the current

Rayburn 699K ovens).

• Up to six Rayburn pans can be stacked at the same time in the Lower

Oven (versus 4 pans in the 400 Series) and using the ovens in conjunction

means that foods requiring different temperatures can be cooked at the

same time.

• The Lower Oven is also useful for warming plates and serving dishes and

for keeping cooked food hot. Using this oven for gentle slow cooking and

keeping food hot greatly simplifies even the most ambitious menu, and

leaves the customer to really enjoy their dinner parties and entertaining.

Timer For Intermittent Use (Cooking)

• The conveniently situated control panel door opens to provide access to a

cooking programmer with a digital display. The single control regulates

the powerful rapid response cooker burner to provide the fastest heat up

times from cold. The cooker can therefore be regulated manually as

desired, or set to come on automatically in the user's absence, ready for

immediate use when they return home.

• The timer means there never needs to be any waiting time for pre-heating

as the user is always in total control - with the easy to use timer, they can

ensure that the ovens are programmed to be up to temperature and ready

to use when ever required, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Heating and hot water

• The 600 features an ‘Eco' setting for the boiler. This ensures that the

boiler is running at it's optimum setting and this ensures the highest

efficiency possible (at least 85%).

• The 600 Series uses two independent fully automatic burners, so hot

water and central heating can be run separately from the cooking


• The Rayburn 699K offers the best, most efficient and most

controllable cooking ever from a Rayburn

• The thermostatic electronic sensors monitor the oven temperature

automatically ensuring a constant temperature. This allows the Rayburn 699K

owner to concentrate on the cooking, secure in the knowledge that their

Rayburn 699K will maintain the desired cooking temperatures for as long as

they wish.

• The Top Oven will reach cooking temperature (200°C) in less than 30