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  • Oil-fired Aga --- Safe Operation

    Saturday 1st October 2005

    During this summer there have been several instances of an Oil-fired Aga becoming flooded with fuel.

    On investigation, this has been due to the owner allowing their Aga to go out, simply by allowing their oil tank to run dry, without turning off either the OCV or the service valve at the tank.

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  • Aga ODC & ODE - New product Introduction

    Tuesday 1st February 2005

    February sees the introduction of the new Diesel (gas-oil) 2 & 4 model cookers. Although they are primarily aimed at the European market where kerosene is not readily available, we expect that they may also prove of value in certain situations in the UK. It is an open-flued appliance only, suitable for conventional masonry or twin-walled flue systems.

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  • Oil Pressure Reducing Valve

    Tuesday 25th December 2001

    Traditionally one way of reducing the pressure was to fit an extra oil control valve (minus its metering stem) part way along the oil line, but this could be awkward to accommodate and entails additional maintenance.

    An easier solution is to fit a purpose designed, pressure reduction valve, such as the device shown here, which can be conveniently located immediately before the OCV.

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  • Plastic Oil Pipes

    Tuesday 11th December 2001

    Plastic Oil lines

    Plastic oil pipes are one way of overcoming some of the problems associated with lengthy copper pipe runs and due to their ease of installation their use is increasing.

    There is no objection with their use with an Aga installation, but the following points must be borne in mind.

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  • Aga Premature Carboning and Copper oil-lines

    Thursday 1st November 2001

    The summer months have seen an increase in the number of cases of premature carboning in specific areas, particularly East Anglia and the Home counties.

    Although it is wrong to immediately assume that the fuel is responsible, nethertheless laboratory tests of the carbon have shown that there were high copper traces present, suggesting an aggressive fuel which may have attacked the copper fuel line.

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  • Fire Valve - Teddington KBB

    Tuesday 1st August 2000

    Fire-valve --- Teddington KBB

    The Teddington KBB Fire-valve, as supplied with an Aga cooker, has recently undergone a modification, so as to allow the reset button to also be used as a manual shut-off valve.

    The button has also been reshaped to provide a finger grip, as shown below.

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  • Aga Oil Cookers. --- Standardisation

    Saturday 1st April 2000

    Information relating to the standardisation of Aga oil models to bring them into line with existing gas models

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